Set prijs A


At Boiliedesign you can also choose for our attractive set prices If you choose for example, a steamer of 8 Kg, burner and 4 steam crates than you pay the regular price of € 448.
As set price, you benefit from an attractive discount and pay € 425!

You can choose from three different options:


  • Setprice A    Steamer 8kg  + Burner+ 4 Steamcrates (30 x 50cm)
  • Setprice B    Steamer 12kg + Burner+ 4 Steamcrates (40 x 60cm)
  • Setprice C    Steamer 18kg + Burner+ 6 Steamcrates (40 x 60cm)

Additional information

Weight 5000 kg

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