Steamer 12 Kg

Incl. 4 crates and floater


Currently, around 90% of the boilies rolled by home rollers or industrial rollers are boiled. However, steaming of boilies is becoming more popular. This is no surprise, as during boiling, a large amount of ‘expensive’ ingredients are lost. With steaming, this problem is substantially reduced. Furthermore, nearly all added fluids and non-fluids are retained by the boilie, meaning that the boilie that you throw into the water contains everything that you threw into the machine.
Steamers are available in 3 different sizes, The small steamer has a capacity of 8kg, the medium 12 Kg and the large steamer has a capacity of 18kg.


  • Only small water layer needed to steam
  • Float with connection so that water, if necessary, automatically replenished
  • No dirty pans like with cooking process
  • Important nutrients and water-soluble vitamins are retained
  • Made of durable stainless steel


    • 0 €
    • 15 €
    • 30 €
    • 45 €
    • 60 €

    Incl. tube and regulator

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    • 80 €

Additional information

Weight 5000 kg

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