Boiliemachine 500mm


This compact boilie machine from Boiliedesign is the absolute showpiece model in the boiliemachine branche. Every single component of the machine is carefully thought out, and using our years of experience in the boilie sector, we have created an extremely handy and super compact boiliemachine.


The most unique thing about this boiliemachine is the scale roller. This masterpiece of boilie technology ensures that the boilies are perfectly round and that all mixtures, no matter how greasy or coarse, are easily processed by the machine. This ensures boilies that are slightly too greasy/coarse no longer dance around on the rollers. Everything that goes in, comes out in boilie form. And of course, this machine can also be used to roll dumbells.

A second fantastic advantage is how quickly you can change the rolls. Within 2 minutes, you can switch the roller for a different diameter and continue rolling straight away.


The machine is available in three different models: the 300mm, the 500mm and the 500mm Deluxe. The later model offers the advantage that 100% of the mix is always processed into round boilies, as it does not process the offcuts.


  • Perfect round boilies.
  • Fulfill all safety requirements.
  • Multiple diameters (optioneel)
  • Roll and scale easy to change
  • Suitable for high-strength and high-fat mix

    Each machine comes incl.1 diameter, choose your default diameter

    Choose the number of additional roles

    Choose diameter first role

    Choose diameter second role

    Choose diameter third role


Additional information

Weight 5000 kg

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Incl. 4 crates and floater